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Sennheiser sealed headphone HD 25

Sennheiser sealed headphone HD 25

Sennheiser sealed headphone HD 25 Rating:
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Product Description

Product Description ★ standard model HD25 series of Sennheiser is newly renewed attire re-appearance As a staple "of headphones, is the most famous headphones in the world of the headphone market, HD25 series that has continued to be supported by over 25 years of long time ◆ not different to the long-selling, non-colored hard sound ● HD25 is very There is a sense of room to play ability, distorted, without having to cracking sound, emerge sound image is very clear ● In order to firmly control from bass to treble, for optimum performance in monitoring ● not tolerate any compromise, very deploy a good sound field of the omission in the clear ● in height because of the resolution, to express all without coloring to openly details ● as possible firmly sounded every single sound in the sound full of energy feeling ◆ optimal structural design to monitoring ● by the two split headband, it can be opened up to 180 degrees back and forth arm ● even further housing not only vertical movement, is rotated 180 degrees back and forth specifications ● Of course, the fine adjustment of the position of the left and right ear, also corresponds to the monitor at the only happy one ear to the DJ ● By each part adjustment, it can be adjusted in fine mounting ● light installation feeling that not to be outdone in the open ● By firmly hold the ear in a closed type ear cup, reduce the external noise ● The split headband of the order to provide a comfortable fit to the rotary earpiece and the best for listening with one ear, ● Another feature that this HD25 can be used for any monitoring ◆ conversion adapter rugged cable and applications spread ● cable's a right piece 1.5m, re-cable can be removable. ● single line of steel cable is very strong, it can withstand enough to intense daily use of professional every day ● plug adopts an L-shaped 3.5mm stereo mini plug. Screw-type comes with 6.3mm conversion adapter, corresponding to all audio


  • Model: Dynamic closed-type
  • Frequency characteristics: 16 ~ 22,000 Hz / impedance: 70 Ω / Sensitivity: 120 dB
  • Cable shape: 1.5 m straight (one out right) / plug shape: 3.5 mm stereo mini plug (L-type)
  • Body weight (cable, including plug): about 166 g
  • Accessories: 6.3mm conversion adapter

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