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Elon Musk visits Shanghai to announce first Tesla factory outside U.S.

Right after Tesla conjured the prices of its autoes by at the least $20,000 each due to China’s increased import tariffs on American-made autoes, the company announces that it would open its first international factory in Shanghai today. This will enable the car manufacturer to circumvented the freshly imposed taxes . Image: Shanghai Municipal People’s […]

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Elon Musk is done caring what everyone thinks of him

Elon Musk DGAF . Image: Diego Donamaria/ Getty Images for SXSW Tesla CEO Elon Musk is losing it. If Wednesday’s earnings see was any show, Musk — already known for his kookiness — really doesn’t care what anyone imagines of his demeanor or approach to running an electric car corporation. SEE ALSO: Tesla simply missed […]

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Tesla employees blindsided by Model 3 production break, but Tesla says it’s normal

Proletarians at Tesla’s Fremont factory assemble autoes back in 2015. This week Model 3 production is on a “break.” Image: David Butow/ Corbis via Getty Images Tesla’s implemented a Model 3 make violate this week as the company struggles to meet demand, reportedly catching employees off guard. All eyes are on Model 3 product as […]

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Elon Musk responds directly to frustrated Model 3 customers

Those Tesla Model 3 orderings are taking awhile, but at least the electric carmaker’s CEO Elon Musk is hold clients in the loop. Over the weekend, Musk, who is apparently sleeping at the factory as he takes over production of the behind-schedule electric sedan, responded to a tweet about a dual-motor version. Musk said to […]

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