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Spotify adds an astonishing 10 million subscribers in only a few months

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Image: Jeff Blackler/ REX/ Shutterstock

The dominance of Spotify in the streaming music room continues to rise, as the company revealed new customer amounts on Monday: 60 million.

That figure is up 10 million from March, the last time Spotify liberated subscriber numbers.

That massive jump in just a couple of months couldn’t have come at a better period for Spotify, as rumors have been twirling that the company is about go public, maybe by the end of the year.

The growth of Spotify really stands out when you consider the commonwealth of its competitors, namely SoundCloud. In recent weeks, the destiny of SoundCloud has been up in the air in the wake of office closings, massive layoffs, and a general sense that the company may be on its last legs as it works to monetize its services versus the competition.

Roughly 175 millionpeople listen to SoundCloudeach month( according to the company ), but that figure doesn’t break away how many of those people are registered users, its significant level since anyone can listen to SoundCloud tracks for free without registering.

The strivings of SoundCloud has become even more fascinating taking into account the fact that it has helped to give us music from the likes of Chance the Rapper( who claims the service isn’t going anywhere ), and Fetty Wap, and is the go-to site for experimental new trails from everyone from Skrillex to Kanye West.

Over at Apple Music, the company sets its amount of paid customers at 27 million. That’s a health number for a still relatively new service, but it still pales in comparison to the juggernaut that is Spotify.

Aside from 60 million customers, Spotify likewise boasts 140 million global monthly active consumers. As more musicians fight for a piece of the streaming music marketplace, including Tidal, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music, Spotify will likely find it difficult to keep up its stunning growth.

But as long as they can keep it going until that golden minute they go public, 10 million new paying users every few months is about as good as it gets.

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